Samuel McLeod

Licensed Commercial REALTOR® and Certified Business Broker

Sam has a passion for life, growing up in a farming community where neighbors help neighbors, and respect for family was a core value. Sam started his business career at the age of nineteen, designing and constructing a large-scale Swine facility in Eastern Ontario as part of an expansion to their farm. It was the beginning of over thirty years of business ownership/management and construction related projects.

His entrepreneurial desire brought him into ownership and management of a well-established Restaurant where he built an environment of good work ethics and customer service among staff members. Sam continued with his passion for construction during those restaurant years, buying and selling properties near his Community.

In 1998, life changed dramatically for Sam and he spent the following five years raising venture capital for International companies. It was a time for developing a broader view of the world and the different cultures that are intertwined in this marketplace. His outward look would see him spend ten years of his life in Ecuador, South America, where he learned how to negotiate contracts within a foreign legal system along with the hurdles presented in a new language. He managed an Ecuadorian mining company and constructed an operational Flotation Plant for gold & silver extraction, which required several trips to South Africa during fabrication. Patience is required with any negotiation and the ability to understand the perceptions and personal needs of all parties concerned are paramount in reaching a successful outcome.

Sam continued building homes while living in the Amazon for two years and as well in southern Ecuador before returning to Canada in 2016. His time spent in Indigenous communities, primarily Shuar, helped greatly in Sam’s understanding of the effects colonization had on their home territory.

He loves to write and is a published author, he enjoys being with his wife Rishi and spending time in a quiet place to retain clarity in order to best serve his associates and clients in their business-related decisions.

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